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Tru-ID is a podcast that focuses on Christian apologetics and tackling the issues of our time from a Christian perspective. The host of Tru-ID, Adam Coleman, hopes to honor Jesus Christ by engaging questions about and objections to Christianity, particularly those related to the African American community. Podcast episodes will explore race, the allegation that Christianity is the "white man's religion", history, science, philosophy, current events, and various ways to defend the Christian faith. The central theme of the Tru-ID Podcast series is that our true identity is to be found in God who has made mankind in His image.
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Welcome to my podcast page!

Tru-ID is my effort to contribute to the ongoing dialogue within our culture concerning topics like Christianity, race, morality, politics, and the merits of the Christian faith. On this journey we're all about sharing the gospel of Christ as we learn, grow, and tackle tough questions. Come along for the ride!

Apr 20, 2018

Whaddup my peoples!!

In this episode we discuss Carlton Pearson and the new movie detailing his transition further away from orthodox Christian teaching. For those who aren't familiar with Carlton Pearson, he was a very influential Pentecostal Preacher up until about 2007. Not only did Pearson pastor a megachurch but he was also nationally known for preaching at various conferences and even putting some of today's most notable preachers on the map (i.e. TD Jakes). All of that came to a crashing halt when Pearson came to believe that God told him that there is no hell, Jesus has already saved everyone, and everyone is going to heaven. Pearson was rightly deemed a heretic by the ministerial authorities he was affiliated with and went on to continue preaching his "gospel of inclusion" in forums that would have him. Recently, this aspect of Pearson's story was captured in a Netflix Exclusive movie entitled "Come Sunday".

Earlier this week I did a Facebook Live with some initial observations that I'd drawn from the movie. I'd intended to put out a full response to the questions and objections Pearson articulates in the movie, however, unfortunately I'm still getting over a pretty bad cold and was unable to do so. Also, I realized that in order to record an episode this week I would have had to record on the day my wife and I are celebrating our 9th anniversary. Husbandly wisdom leads me to believe that if I want to live to see our 10th anniversary then it would probably be a good idea to not spend this anniversary recording apologetics material rather than hanging out with my wife. LOL Candice don't play that! With that said I've converted that FB live to an audio episode which you'll get to see more of my off the cuff comical side along with theological and philosophical points that I believe will help Christians to work their way through difficult questions while avoiding patterns of thought or behavior that tend toward adopting heretical views of scripture. Next week we'll dig deeper into specific responses to the concerns raised by Carlton Pearson. 

Mar 31, 2018

About a year and some change ago I sat down with a former Hebrew Israelite turned Christian apologist who goes by the name Brother J. In that interview Brother J talked aboutm being influential as a music artist in the Hebrew Israelite movement and how leaving Hebrew Israelism was sort of like Lebron James left Cleveland and went to Miami. lol He caught a lot of "heat" from the Hebrew Israelite community (pun intended).

Anyway, from then till now Brother J has been relentless in putting out solid apologetics ministry to Hebrew Israelites. Brother J sits down with us again to talk about how that transition has been for him and share insights as to what he finds to effective in ministering to Hebrew Israelites. PLUS Brother J is a talented musician and just dropped his new album titled "A.D." (After Deception)

Check out this interview in which Brother J AKA "J the Producer" in which we listen to some cuts off of his new album and he brings us up to speed on his apologetics ministry and life with Christ that inspires his music!
J The Producer's New Album "A.D" After Deception can be purchased here:
Mar 24, 2018

Your boy Adam Coleman (Scott Lane) is out of town again but we're keeping this content flowing to equip the saints as best we can. I was truly excited to sit down with the host of the "Urban Perspective" ,Pastor Jerome Gay Jr., for a discussion about the purpose of the Mosaic law and Hebrew Israelite misconceptions about the law. There is definitely a lot here for listeners to sink their teeth into. Check it out and be sure to subscribe to us on Itunes if you haven't already.

Plus I was feeling nostalgia so I put an old song I had back in the day with my homie Sir Walter III at the end of the episode.

Title: Louder (I’m on the 3rd verse)


Key Points:

What is the purpose of the Old Testament Law?

What misconceptions about the Old Testament Laws do we tend to find among Hebrew Israelites?


Mar 14, 2018

You just never know how personally grappling with some of life's toughest challenges and questions will put you in position to help someone else as they do the same. In Galatians 6:2 we are told:

"Bear one another's burdens, and in doing so fulfill the law of Christ."

The fact of the matter is many people, both followers of Christ and non-believers, struggle with that nagging question; "Why do bad things happen to good people?" Is there a solid answer to that question? Does the existence of evil in the world suggest that an all-loving, all-knowing, and all-powerful God does not exist? 

Let's make it plain. I can't tell you how many times I've been sharing the gospel with someone and they ask, "Where was Jesus during slavery?" or "If Jesus is real then why are our people still oppressed?" 


Each month Adam Coleman heads up to Richmond, VA. to teach apologetics at the No Ceilings Bible Study. Recently, The Black Bruce Wayne (Adam Coleman) was asked to address why bad things happen to good people. In this episode Adam Coleman shares his message from No Ceilings. Before I forget, I would like to say thank you for all who continue to support this ministry. Over the last month I have had the opportunity to travel and share what God has poured into me and it's been exciting to be a part of this growing urban apologetics movement. If we keep working together we can set this culture ablaze for Christ!

Key Points:

Intro to the "Problem of Evil"

How to take the pressure off of yourself in responding to this question.

How the existence of evil is actually evidence that God exists. 

Mar 2, 2018

In this episode Scott Lane briefly talks about his recent travels and public speaking opportunities related to urban apologetics. We then listen in on a portion of his second presentation at the Truth Summit at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Cartersville, GA. (2/16/2018)


Key Points:

African enslaved persons understanding the liberating nature of God.

The birth of the "Black Church" in North America

The many ways in which the "Black Church" actively opposed the institution of slavery in America.

Feb 10, 2018

It’s so encouraging to see how God is prospering and expanding this “urban” apologetics movement! I was invited by Pastor Tim Allison of Reconcile Church in Bloomington, Illinois to come and speak on the opening day of their Unapologetically Black and Unashamedly Christian series. I was asked to speak on “Can I be Woke and Christian?”. In this episode we’ve got the audio from that service...take a listen!!


Key Topics

Ancient African Christianity

Christianity and Enslaved Africans

Racism in the Church

Slavery In the Bible

Living the Gospel in Your Circle of Influence

Feb 1, 2018

It's on and poppin!! God is doing major things as the "urban" apologetics movement picks up steam. This week features Pastor Tim Allison of Reconcile Church in Bloomington, Illinois. I'm honored that Pastor Allison has invited yours truly, Adam Coleman, to speak at the "Unapologetic and Unashamed" Conference. At the conference, I will be addressing the false claim that Christianity is the "white man's religion" and answering the question, "Can you be woke and Christian?". In this episode, we chop it up about the need for apologetics in the African American community, pastoral insights on how to get active as an apologist in your local church, and grappling with serious questions as we draw closer to God.

Jan 13, 2018

About a week ago Kris "K-Dub" Williams released a new song "Psuedo Israelites" in which he took Hebrew Israelism to task for a number of doctrinal concerns and behaviors that don't reflect Biblical morality. This song sparked a firestorm of backlash from the Hebrew Israelite community. In particular, Deacon Hakah of the Sicarii Hebrew Israelite sect responded with a diss track against K Dub and the whole Shield Squad of which I am a member. In this episode, I sit down with K-Dub, J the Producer, and Tony of gospel rap group Hazakim to discuss "Pseudo Isrelites" and the recent controversy. Enjoy.