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Tru-ID is a podcast that focuses on Christian apologetics and tackling the issues of our time from a Christian perspective. The host of Tru-ID, Adam Coleman, hopes to honor Jesus Christ by engaging questions about and objections to Christianity, particularly those related to the African American community. Podcast episodes will explore race, the allegation that Christianity is the "white man's religion", history, science, philosophy, current events, and various ways to defend the Christian faith. The central theme of the Tru-ID Podcast series is that our true identity is to be found in God who has made mankind in His image.
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Welcome to my podcast page!

Tru-ID is my effort to contribute to the ongoing dialogue within our culture concerning topics like Christianity, race, morality, politics, and the merits of the Christian faith. On this journey we're all about sharing the gospel of Christ as we learn, grow, and tackle tough questions. Come along for the ride!

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Sep 19, 2017

On this week's episode of Tru-ID Scott Lane is joined by the internationally known Christian apologist, Greg Koukl. Greg is the founder of Stand to Reason Ministries which aims to equip believers in being ambassadors for the gospel. He is the author of a number of books including, "Tactics", and his newest work entitled "The Story of Reality". Greg Koukl brought his "A" game for this interview and even shared an interesting angle on applying concepts from his newest book to some of the apologetics issues I raised in articles I wrote on the Conscious Community. 

Key Topics:

- How do I effectively navigate conversations with unbelievers?

- How does the Christian worldview really provide answers for life's biggest questions?

- Reviewing Greg Koukl's new book "The Story of Reality"

Don't miss this episode.


Aug 4, 2017

Tru-ID Podcast Host Scott Lane the Black Bruce Wayne interviews the well-know apologetics crew Soldiers of God!! These guys don't pull punches when it comes to standing for truth.....Listen now

Jul 22, 2017

Noted Pan-Africanist Dr. Umar Johnson made recent appearances on the popular hip hop radio show The Breakfast Club and The Roland Martin Show on News One, and followed up with another interview on We the Gods Podcast. Between these three interviews Dr. Umar Johnson espoused a number of controversial views including a condemnation of Interracial Marriage. Over the course of a two part Tru-ID Episode, Scott Lane will engage these ideas and present logical and biblical responses to Dr. Umar's perspective on politics/social justice issues (Part 1) and interracial marriage (Part 2).

Part 2:

-Contradictions within Dr. Umar Johnson's Pan-Africanism

-Exploring Dr. Johnson's erroneous concept of identity

-Is there anything wrong with interracial marriage?

-Exploring ways that a Christian can approach race and the question of interracial marriage.

Jul 22, 2017

Noted Pan-Africanist Dr. Umar Johnson made recent appearances on the popular hip hop radio show The Breakfast Club and The Roland Martin Show on News One, and followed up with another interview on We the Gods Podcast. Between these three interviews Dr. Umar Johnson espoused a number of controversial views including a condemnation of Interracial Marriage. Over the course of a two part Tru-ID Episode, Scott Lane will engage these ideas and present logical and biblical responses to Dr. Umar's perspective on politics/social justice issues (Part 1) and interracial marriage (Part 2).


Part 1:

-Dr. Umar Johnson's logical and factual errors

-Addressing the question of racism and systemic change to counter racist structures in American society.


Part 2 will be released later today

Jul 7, 2017

In this episode we have Dr. Esau McCaulley dropping jewels on:

- Identifying reliable sources of info VS. fake scholarship 

- Basic Study Tips

- Hebrew Israelite's mistaken view of ethnicity in the New Testament.

 - Do Christians have to keep the Law?


Check us out!!!

Jun 30, 2017

Yo where you been at Scott?!

Scott Lanes recaps recent events and ministry opportunities that have kept him away for a bit.

Scott then digs into "The Hard Question". What can the historical evidence tell us about the dynamic between African Slaves and Christianity? Were all slaves brainwashed into being Christians? Is that the whole story? 

Listen here to find out...


Special Feature song at the end

Black Angels feat. Chrys Jones


P.S. I've been doing quite a bit of apologetics stuff while I was away. Here are links you can go to and check out my recent guest appearances on other shows as well as articles I've recently released. 

1. "Talk with the Titans" Interview/Presentation

2. "Talk with the Titans" bibliography link

3. Interview with Chrys Jones & Vocab Malone

4. Panel discussion with Faithful to God (host)

Articles for Free Thinking Ministries

5. "#BlackLivesDontMatter"

6. "Lebronogetics: Who is the GOAT?"




Josiah Henson Autobiography


May 19, 2017

I've always been interested in gaining understanding of other people's experiences and points of view. Today I've brought in Sterling Contreras to school us on apologetics in the context of the Hispanic community. I had a hunch that there would be parallels between how people of African descent and Hispanic descent have developed negative sentiments toward Christianity on the basis of colonialism. We also delve into politics and basic steps we can take to understand and engage the Hispanic community on these issues. Enjoy the show.

May 5, 2017

Y'all still talkin' about the Ressurection?! Absolutely! The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not something we just pull out once a year, get dressed up for a special "Easter" service, then put it back on the shelf. The resurrection is at the very heart of Christianity. 

In this episode, Apologist Cameron Bertuzzi walks us through the Bayesian Argument for the resurrection which is an approach to presenting the historical evidence for the Christian claim that Jesus Christ rose from the dead!

Christianity is NOT a dumb mans religion!!!


Special Guest: Cameron Bertuzzi

                      Capturing Christianity

May 3, 2017

In this episode Adam Coleman chops it up with BEC Media's Elgin "Big El" Bailey. A very thoughtful and provocative discussion on race, community, Kendrick Lamar, and even child rearing. This brother certainly has some important things to say!

Apr 19, 2017

A three way discussion featuring Vocab Malone, Pastor Tony Ares, and Scott Lane in which we will tackle:

-Kendrick Lamar referring to himself as an Israelite on his most recent album entitled "DAMN"

-Hebrew Israelite themes in Kendrick's music


-Responses to Hebrew Israelite claims

_What is the true gospel?

-Cultural awareness and equipping followers of Christ with truth.

Mar 17, 2017

In this episode Adam Coleman gives you the play by play of his encounter with Conscious Community Teacher, Ray Hagins. Ray Hagins has been a big name in the Conscious Community for quite some time and has made it his mission to derail others from following Christ. When Hagins came to North Carolina last week Adam Coleman had something to say to him. Check out this episode and hear how it all went down!!!

Key Points

-What happened when Adam Coleman confronted Ray Hagins?

-Exposing Ray Hagins false claims

-Breaking down the psychology of pseudo-scholarship 

Mar 7, 2017

The Tru-ID Podcast is getting down to business! Adam Coleman begins a series in which we will be equipping believers with responses to objections to Christianity that have gained steam in the black community. Step by step the Tru-ID Podcast aims to put together a body of work that anyone can work their way through to build their confidence as a Christian and ability to share their faith. Letz go!!!


Key Points 

1. Ex-pastor Kevin Wesley 

2. Providing a framework 

3. The apologetics community's two biggest mistakes.

4. Getting to know who we're reaching out to.



This episode is dedicated to Oliver Edward Coleman aka My Dad (1950-2017)

Feb 17, 2017

His new album, The Narrative, was recently banned from Lifeway Christian Bookstores but today's guest, Sho Baraka, has much to say about race, culture, history, apologetics, and impacting culture with the Christian worldview. Sho Baraka is raising the bar of presenting Christ in the context of our world. This is not an interview you want to miss. Listen here...  

Feb 9, 2017

Whaddup Tru-ID family! In this episode we have the opportunity to catch up with gospel rapper, Eshon Burgundy. Eshon Burgundy is a well established rap artist who recently released his album, "The Passover", which debuted among the top ten on the Billboard charts. In this interview, we go behind the music and get his thoughts on topics such as his near death experience, race, the role of the church in our communities, and maintaining the faith as a gospel artist.  2017 is getting off to a great start!

Jan 1, 2017

On January 1, 1808 the United States abolished the importation of slaves to this country. On that same day, Rev. Absalom Jones presented a sermon at St. Thomas African Episcopal Church to celebrate this momentus event. The sermon conveys thankfulness for that step toward freedom and hope for the days to come. In this episode Adam Coleman recites that sermon in celebrating 2017 and reaching back in thankfulness for the freedoms we now enjoy. Absalom Jones had powerful words for his congregation in 1808 and those words still have relevance for us today. Hear ye him....

Dec 29, 2016

As I was developing the Tru-ID Podcast I was thoroughly inspired by the apologetics ministry at In this attention-grabbing episode I was able to catch up with the founder and president of the Jude 3 Project, Lisa Fields.

Dec 22, 2016

Scott Lane "the Black Bruce Wayne" links up with Eric Hernandez for an interview full of personal testimony, loving God with our intellect, his perspective on the church and Christian culture, tips for engaging atheists, and a boat load of information to chew on. Definitely a lot of food for thought!

Dec 9, 2016

Finishing out our brief series on the Hebrew Israelites, Adam Coleman and Brother Marcus (Former Hebrew Israelite) chop it up about what led to his departure from the Hebrew Israelite Movement. Powerful Story.

Dec 2, 2016

In the final segment of our series on the Hebrew Israelites, Adam Coleman interviews a former Hebrew Israelite pastor, Brother Marcus. Tune in to get a glimpse of the Hebrew Israelite movement from an insider's perspective.

Nov 12, 2016

Well ladies and germs we have ourselves a new president. Donald J. Trump trounced Hilary Clinton for a spot in the oval office and people are experiencing a mixture of emotions while trying to figure it all out. On this episode, of Tru-ID we've got Leroy Hill stepping in for a discussion on things we can consider as we look at the election and move forward. Check it out... 

Nov 10, 2016

In this episode, Vocab Malone continues to share his insight concerning the Hebrew Israelite Movement. As a special bonus, music from Vocab Malone is featured at the conclusion of the interview.

Oct 27, 2016

Continuing our Tru-ID series on the Hebrew Israelite Movement, this episode features Pastor/Apologist Vocab Malone in an insightful interview.

Oct 20, 2016

Adam Coleman kicks off a Tru-ID Podcast mini-series that will focus on the Hebrew Israelite Movement. In this episode, Adam Coleman explores reasons why "Black" Hebrew Israelites are attracting people to their movement.

Oct 7, 2016

In part 2 of this engaging and informative interview, Chris Broussard shares his thoughts on race, police controversy, Christian apologetics, and spreading the gospel. Check out the interview and certainly go support what Chris Broussard is doing on !

Sep 30, 2016

ESPN analyst Chris Broussard drops in with Tru-ID for a fun, personal, and informative interview. Sports, controversy, apologetics, and the gospel; doesn't get any better than this folks! Enjoy the interview then slide over to! Chris Broussard is building something powerful over there!

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