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Tru-ID is a podcast that focuses on Christian apologetics and tackling the issues of our time from a Christian perspective. The host of Tru-ID, Adam Coleman, hopes to honor Jesus Christ by engaging questions about and objections to Christianity, particularly those related to the African American community. Podcast episodes will explore race, the allegation that Christianity is the "white man's religion", history, science, philosophy, current events, and various ways to defend the Christian faith. The central theme of the Tru-ID Podcast series is that our true identity is to be found in God who has made mankind in His image.
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Welcome to my podcast page!

Tru-ID is my effort to contribute to the ongoing dialogue within our culture concerning topics like Christianity, race, morality, politics, and the merits of the Christian faith. On this journey we're all about sharing the gospel of Christ as we learn, grow, and tackle tough questions. Come along for the ride!

Dec 25, 2017

The podcaster's Ten Commandments surely includes "Thou shalt not release an episode on Christmas since no one will listen to it". LOL However, I have a number of folks who listen to the show who I know do not celebrate Christmas. Some of my Hebrew Israelite listeners believe its a pagan holiday while others see Christmas as an opportunity to get a Christians for some sort of hypocrisy. Certainly not all non-Christmas-ers are like that but given what I do I tend to be in contact with folks who feel that way. Welp, this episode is for you. I offer a few thoughts about bogus objections to Christianity I tend to get from you guys this time of year but then I also address some culture related concerns where we may find some common ground.

 Key Points:

Is Ex-Pastor Kevin Wesley’s claim about Jesus being born of a “virgin” being based on the “Virgo “ zodiac sign legit?

What about Ex-Pastor Kevin Wesley’s claim about Jesus being reported to be the “Son”/“Sun”of God actually being a veiled reference to sun worship and astrology?

Examining Brother audio clip of Brother Polight’s take on Christmas.

Why shedding off culture based stumbling blocks to the gospel is an imperative for the church (minus the legalism...)

How all this anti-Christmas talk is often just a smokescreen to avoid real conversations about the evidence for Christianity.




Dec 1, 2017

Maaaaan yo...When I first started the Tru-ID podcast I didn’t really know much about recording. As a result there are any mover of interviews that I recorded some time ago that required some editing and fairly recently I’ve been able to go back and clean them up. With that said I’m excited to finally be able to share this interview with a dynamic individual who was actually one of my first guests, Dr. Vince Bantu. Dr. Bantu is a brilliant Brother and as I restored the audio and sat back to listen to this interview it really brought me back to why I started the Tru-ID Podcast. Enjoy!!!


Key Topics:

-Ancient African Christianity

-Social justice and seminary education

-Real racial reconciliation

-Dr. Bantu basically drop barz on several interesting topics

Stay Tuned